Nude and excellent swimmer Ekaterina Vinogradova

Ekaterina Vinogradova known to many fans of this wonderful sport like swimming. But she not only athlete, she is primarily a charming woman and her form just flawless! Probably, after much persuasion, she still had the courage to do this wonderful Topless-set! Erotica Katia Vinogradova is just class!
Naked Russian swimmer's Natalia Meshcheryakova
We present you a nice set of naked Russian swimmer's Natalie Meshcheryakova. Natalia was born July 1, 1972. Beautiful natural data (growth Natalia is 1.86 m) and daily exhausting training allowed her to reach the highest places in the various competitions.

Performed Natalia for a sports club CSKA under the leadership of famous coach Andrei . The main specialization of the fifty-and hundred-metre freestyle. Speaking for the Russian team, Natalia wins a bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, the fourth place in the relay race 4x100 freestyle. The same can be called successful and her performances at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, though, without medals, but the seventh and eighth place in such competitions is considered to be high achievement. Between these two Olympiads was the world championship in Rome, where Natalia won silver and bronze.

Intimate photos of French swimmer's Laura Manaudou
We present you a photo, which made a lot of noise throughout the world press and in all of sports. This naked pictures of famous swimmer's from France Laure Manaudou. As this set will affect her future career we do not know, but can only say that Laura is really beautiful girl with elegant forms.

And of course after a row with her ex-boyfriend she had not long to be one, not even looking at these intimate photos, which are now considering all over the world for all the visitors. Posochuvstvuem, of course, famous athletes, and probably will now wait from it has new photos and videos of this genre.

Photo lit swimmers in the water Polo
Many people in the Internet are looking for celebrities. Celebrities are people too and all the time at a height cannot be and very often in various awkward situation. But if this is a beautiful trained girls, it is natural to look at their errors is quite remarkable. Even more interesting, that this is just normal life shooting unplanned and taken without the participation of the Director. In our selection beautiful women playing in the water Polo fine trained female body will not leave anyone indifferent. Watch it and enjoy it from awkward situations, in which enter these beauties.
Photos of naked swimmer's Brooke Hanson
The famous former Australian swimmer Brooke Hanson was born on March 18, 1978. Brooke is considered to be a professional swimmer, 2-Oh, a multiple winner of the Olympic Games in Athens, 3 military winner of the World Championships in swimming,10-minute World Championships in swimming, 2 is two times silver winner of the tournament of States of the Commonwealth of England «Commonwealth Games» 2 is two times Summer Universiade 1999 in Mallorca, and multiple winner of the championship of great Britain. And besides that, just stunningly beautiful girl, naked photo of which we want to offer you. Be sure to see them, this set is different from those which we had previously seen.
Photos of naked swimmer's Britons
She fortunate swimmer, which the audience is accustomed to see in a bathing suit and wet hair, a swim cap and glasses. But the famous swimmer Germany on the open water Britta on our site stand before his own fans in a new guise - sexy Babes.

At the last European championship she was not very successful, but this fact does not affect the girls play for a famous magazine. In addition, on its pages it tells not only about the voyage, but their men and sex.

Photos of naked Bia and Branca Feres
At the present time a lot of athletes have already starred in the Nude sets, and over time they of course have less attract the attention, but the naked session athletes twins it's really a great rarity.

We just present you one of these sets of twins speakers in synchronized swimming temperamental Brazilians Bia and Branca. The girls are beautiful in themselves, but the fact that they celebrities and their two this is extremely spicy. Look necessarily as they perfectly and with the mood of posing! These girls are a miracle!